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Jizerská 50

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SportID is a registration system through which interested parties can buy entry fees for Jizerská 50. All successful projects from the workshop of the RAUL agency are connected to it such as the series Běhej lesy, Behaj lesmi and also the cycling novelty Road Classics.

Little by little, the incredible 57th edition of the legendary Jizerská 50 is approaching. It will take place traditionally in the first half of February 2024. During its long history, this event has established a firm position among the four most prestigious long-distance cross-country skiing races, known as the Grand Classics. Every year Jizerská 50 attracts the best skiers from around the world, but above all thousands of enthusiasts who want to experience the unforgettable atmosphere and perfectly groomed trails in the picturesque Jizerské Mountains.

However, Jizerská 50 is not made only for the experienced and trained cross-country skiers. Even recreational athletes will fit in, racing on the half-length, 25 km course, which can also be completed using the classic technique. For skating fans, there are the 30 and 17.5kilometre courses, which offer easier profile.

Jizerská 50 is for all types of cross-country skiers, there is something for everyone. For beginners and families with children there is the popular 10-kilometre race. For brave little ones, there are children’s races around the Bedřichov stadium.

Whether you are an experienced cross-country skier or you are just beginning to get into skiing, trust us, the atmosphere at Jizerská 50 is worth it. Especially if you experience it first-hand.

Race list of 57th ČEZ Jizerska 50:


Volkswagen Bedřichovská 30 8. 2. 2024
ČSOB Jizerská 17 8. 2. 2024
Mini Jizerská PVZP 9. 2. 2024
T-Mobile Jizerská firemní - štafeta 9. 2. 2024
ORLEN Sprint 9. 2. 2024
ČT Jizerská 10 10. 2. 2024
Jizerská 25 10. 2. 2024
ČEZ Jizerská 50 11. 2. 2024

For complete information on ČEZ Jizerská 50, go to www.jiz50.cz. Terms and conditions of the race can be found here.