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Běhej lesy

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The 10th anniversary season of Běhej lesy is here! Thank you for joining us in this forest adventure. Runners from the forest pack will once again traverse unique locations within 8 races in the most beautiful places in the Czech Republic. You can choose routes of approximately 5, 10, 20 kilometers, and ultramarathon routes over 42 kilometers. By participating in this charity PENNY run, you will also contribute to a good cause, and the young members of the forest pack will have their own races at the Dr. Max children's races.

During the series, we will visit exceptional places at eight stops and some of them are not typically accessible to the public. Runners will run directly through the Velká Amerika quarry near Karlštejn Castle, pass through a closed military area in Brdy, and also explore legendary locations along the winter Jizerská 50 routes. We will once again visit the Lednice-Valtice area with its architectural and natural landmarks, a UNESCO World Heritage site. At Klínovec and Bílá, we will ride the ¨seat lift to the summit and then participate in races with breathtaking views.

The 2024 season will be an exciting journey for sure! We have prepared a new race location for you in Železná Ruda on the border of the Šumava National Park, where you will run around glacial lakes - Černé and Čertovo.
And in June, we have Týmovka, a relay race that will leave you and your teammates with a lifelong memory. Come and enjoy these running challenges with us; we look forward to seeing you at the starting line!

Races 2024

Běhej lesy Karlštejn 20. 4. 2024
Běhej lesy Brdy 18. 5. 2024
Běhej lesy Železná ruda 1. 6. 2024
Běhej lesy Týmovka 21. - 23. 6. 2024
Běhej lesy Klínovec 20. 7. 2024
Běhej lesy Bílá 3. 8. 2024
Běhej lesy Jizerská 24. 8. 2024
Běhej lesy Lednice 7. 9. 2024

For more information about the series Běhej lesy, visit the website www.behejlesy.cz/en. Series rules here