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Since 2014, we have been experiencing a forest adventure together called Běhej lesy. During 8 races, the participants will see unique locations and the most beautiful places in the Czech Republic. You can choose from two distances: shorter around 12 km and longer around 21 km. Currently, Běhej lesy also offers ultramarathon routes, PVZP FénixRun charity runs and children's races.

Among the attractions of the series are the normally closed Velká Amerika quarry and Karlštejn Castle, the Lednice-Valtice area, the previously closed military district in Brdy, the cable car at the Běhej lesy Bílá race or the summer version of the Jizerské 50 with an ultramarathon 50 km route.

For the 2023 season, we have prepared a new Běhej lesy Klínovec race, which offers a cable car ride and a subsequent run through the pristine nature of the Ore Mountains, following the example of the race in Bílá. We are launching into the upcoming season with the biggest novelty in the history of the series so far, the Team Challenge, a relay race for all fans of unexpected challenges.

Races 2023
 Běhej lesy Brdy   15. 4. 2023
 Běhej lesy Karlštejn   13. 5. 2023
 Běhej lesy Týmovka   16.-18. 6. 2023
 Běhej lesy Klínovec   15. 7. 2023
 Běhej lesy Bílá   12. 8. 2023
 Běhej lesy Jizerská   26. 8. 2023
 Běhej lesy Boletice - noční závod   9. 9. 2023
 Běhej lesy Lednice   23. 9. 2023

Series rules here