Is running your life style, way of losing weight, way to be alone or with somebody? Does it challenge you? Is it your hobby or way how to improve your physical fitness? Are you bored of running in the city on hard surface? Běhej lesy is here for you. It takes you to beautiful places in nature around whole Czech Republic.

Běhej lesy is running series of 8 races in the nature. Every race has short (about 10K) and long (about 21K) distance. Part of it are also children races for 500 meters (2013 and younger) and 1K (2007 to 2012).

Závody 2021
 Běhej lesy Slavkovský les   5. 6. 2021
 Běhej lesy Vysočina   26. 6. 2021
 Běhej lesy Lednice   10. 7. 2021
 Běhej lesy Brdy   24. 7. 2021
 Běhej lesy Bílá   7. 8. 2021
 Běhej lesy Karlštějn   14. 8. 2021
 Běhej lesy Jizerská   28. 8. 2021
 Běhej lesy Boletice   11. 9. 2021