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Behaj lesmi

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Behaj lesmi is a series of 7 outdoor races that attracts racers to routes that are 80% on soft surfaces and 100% in the fresh air. With Behaj lesmi, participants will explore unique locations in the most beautiful places of the Slovak Republic. The race always offers a shorter route of approximately 10 kilometres and also a longer version, approximately 20 kilometres long or a charity run of approximately 5 kilometres. Of course, there are also children's races or team competitions.

Races 2024

Behaj lesmi Devín 27.4.2024
Behaj lesmi Topoľčianky 11.5.2024
Behaj lesmi Slovenský raj 8.6.2024
Behaj lesmi Bachledova dolina 29.6.2024
Behaj lesmi Veľká Fatra 13.7.2024
Behaj lesmi Čičmany 17.8.2024
Behaj lesmi Štiavnické vrchy 31.8.2024
Behaj lesmi Smolenice 28.9.2024

For more information about the series Behaj lesmi, visit the website www.behajlesmi.sk/en/. Series rules here